We submitted to the Open Infrastructure Fund

Thanks to the stellar support and input by @Duke and @eleonora_a we have applied for follow funding at the :point_right: Open Infrastructure Fund.

While the selection process is still pending (fingers crossed!) we share excerpts from the submission here.

Our proposed funding period:

  • 24 months: from December 2023 through December 2025.

Our proposed activities:

  • Monthly “Public Presentation Online Events” with 2 presentations on air quality projects from worldwide contexts: Gathering and introducing the platform user community and interested publics to new approaches of citizen science for air quality, enabling thematic exchange across geographies and building out the platform’s visibility and community.
  • Monthly “Adding of 2 Case Studies” to the platform that feature worldwide citizen science engagements for air quality improvements – covering scientific-, technical- and public policy aspects – and thereby building out the platform’s attractiveness through current content.
  • Monthly “Community Platform Development Online Meeting” with all interested users to seize next relevant platform development steps along the user community’s needs.
  • Bi-Monthly “Platform Development Realizations” to translate user requirements to new platform features, improved navigation and governance.
  • Monthly “Platform Maintenance” activity to keep the platform safe and technically updated.

Our affiliated organisations in this submission:

  • University of Nigeria
  • Air Quality Organisation of Västmanland County (Sweden)
  • Ideas For Change (Spain)
  • Proofing Future: Bridging People + Ideas (Belgium, Germany)

The submitter was @Duke for whom in case of funding a paid role could be realized to carry out several of the proposed activities. Fingers crossed! - However, the jointly prepared submission in support of our open, collective Air For All platform is already a testimony to our forum members’ elan, our collective collaborative potential.

What collaboration potential would you like to spark and initiate?
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