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A bit about me. I have lived most of my life in the US, although have traveled extensively for work and pleasure, and lived in Malaysia and then New Zealand for a few years. I currently live in Indianapolis, which is near Chicago.

My work as a chemical engineer has focused on developing and implementing new technology with reduced environmental impact. I currently consult with clients to help them with scale up of new and innovative sustainable technology through my company PTI Global Solutions.

Too often treating emissions such as air pollutants is addressed as an ‘end of pipe’ solution, doing what is needed to meet air permitting requirements, for instance. I believe a much better approach is to instead develop a solution with low emissions in mind, so that the technology inherently is better for air quality, water quality, etc. This in fact was the subject of my PhD research.

My specific interest in air quality is reducing CO2 emissions. However, we also find that most new technology that reduces CO2 emissions also will reduce other air pollutants, such as sulfur, particulates, etc. I also believe that citizen participation is critical to the policy making needed to advance these low emission technologies.

As noted I will be presenting in April at the CO2-based Fuels and Chemicals Conference, where I will be speaking on the topic of Gas Fermentation—An Emerging Technology for CO2 Based Fuels and Chemicals. Gas fermentation uses technology similar to brewing beer or wine. However, in this case CO2 can be processed to make products such as fuels (aviation fuel, for instance), alternative proteins for human or animal consumption, or chemicals to make plastics and other products that can displace those made from petroleum. This has great potential to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and mitigate temperature rise due to global warming.

Other topics of interest to me are highlighted in these links:

I look forward to being part of this community and learning from the other members.