Warm welcome Emmanuel

Welcome @Duke
we warmly invite you to introduce yourself here.

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Thankful to have come across the AIRFORALL project on Linkedin, really learnt and learning, including making significant collaborations.

I live and work in Calabar, Nigeria. i am interested in air quality as i am a direct recipient of its debilitating effect in my local community in the midst of no regulatory policy. I am working towards ensuring there exists one in respect to air quality through understanding the sources, recommending alternatives, democratising information on air quality and citizen role, not forgetting engaging with relevant stakeholders for cleaner air and environment.

Although, I have gotten training in these topics from the Environmental Research Group (ERG) of the Imperial College London introductory course to Air quality, Policy and monitoring and the AirForAll short lecture by the AQO vasmannland on Air quality. I am not part of an organization dedicated to these yet, i am looking to float one and join one

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Hi Emmanuel!

How nice to hear about you, and lots of thank you for your great collaboration in the airforall project. I hope that you will find a great organisation to work with soon, they will be fortunate to have your support!

All the best,