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Hi everyone!

At the moment I live in southern SkÄne among forests and prairies with a close connection to Italy because of my Italian-Swedish family.

My educational background and research (interrupted) are varied as my interests and involve theoretical philosophy, ecotechnology/environmental engineering and physics.

My specific interests in air quality, climate, environment, policy making and citizen participation are mainly the following:
Ideas and collaborations that can support a more sustainable future on Earth among beings on global level and therefore,

  • ideas and collaborations which can benefit an economic possibility for anyone on Earth to have air quality monitoring and cleaner air wherever you are.
  • ideas and collaborations that creates the possibility for global platforms of collaborations where people with the most varied knowledge/experiences can have the chance to meet and start to collaborate for a more sustainable future for all living beings on Earth.
  • ideas and collaborations that can support human beings on Earth to feel that they have the ability to take part in creating a more sustainable future. This can take the shape of elaboration on open access and free of charge tools, citizens initiatives and more.
  • ideas and collaborations that involve interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches for supporting a more sustainable future on Earth. Here the wish, among others, is to see an increased openness and collaboration between NGOs, citizens, science and societal organizations at large, on global level.

I take part in the following organizations dedicated to a more sustainable world:

Air Quality Organisation of VÀstmanland County/VÀstmanlands lÀns luftvÄrdsförbund (Sweden) from where I am part of the airforall project.
My activities in the organisation have mainly been to:

  • help to build up and support the emission database in the air quality management system Airviro.
  • support the introduction of greenhouse gas emission assessment in the activities.
  • support communication and collaboration activities for the organisation, e.g., the webpage and the airforall project collaboration.

One Planet - an NGO in service of the climate, environment and health (Sweden/anywhere) from where I am the founder and head.
In One Planet we focus on creating methods for an increased sustainable future on planet Earth by help of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches for global gain. We strive for involvement in project collaborations that have an outcome in open access and free of charge tools for global benefit.
See more about what we have been doing so far, and much welcome to connect for collaborative journeys.

Södertörn University (Stockholm, Sweden) where I am involved in course elaboration and every now and then teach environmental management for governmental agencies in Sweden.

Engineers Without Borders Sweden from where I have taken part voluntarily in different roles and still collaborates voluntarily outside of the organization with members of the food team for a more sustainable future by the help of e.g., solar cooking and sustainable food production tools.


THANK YOU, @eleonora_a :clap: :raised_hands:

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