The Almaty Bishkek Economic Corridor Air Quality Initiativek

The Almaty - Bishkek Economic Corridor (ABEC) Air Quality Initiative shows tools and commitment to tackle air pollution.

In the heart of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic are pursuing a bold initiative to integrate two dense economic centers — Bishkek and Almaty. The Almaty Bishkek Economic Corridor (ABEC), facilitated by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), links the two cities into a single economic space where the exchange of ideas and movement of goods and people is faster, easier, and free of barriers.

Air pollution and other environmental challenges are often associated with rapid economic growth, and the ABEC is no exception. The region faces formidable challenges with urban air pollution, particularly during the frosty winters that characterize the region.

This ABEC Air Quality Initiative, funded and led by ADB with support from the Kyrgyz Hydromet, the Cities of Almaty and Bishkek, MoveGreen Bishkek, and more, looks to implement a framework for clean air action in the region.

The availability of air quality data has unlocked a plethora of engagement from philanthropic organizations, NGOs, and academia. - The World Bank has allocated $50 million in funding for air quality improvement after commissioning an Air Quality Analysis for Bishkek report that will inform future action to reduce air pollution in the region. - UNICEF and Japan - The Government of Japan also used the data from these air quality sensors to commission a report on “Health and social impacts of air pollution on women and children in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan”, authored by Rufus Edwards, Jay Turner, Rahat Sabyrbekov, Ajay Pillarsetti, and M-Vectorr.

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