Seeking funding to support citizens group in Västmanland through Open Hardware Air Quality Sensors


  • Do you know about financial funding programs that might fit our purpose?


  • Through our ongoing capacity building AirForAll* project we got in touch with a citizens group in Sweden that we would like to support:
  • This citizens group in a municipality of Västmanland County in Sweden is affected by heavy dust stemming from a current highway building site nearby their homes: Up to 12 heavy trucks with crushed rocks passing their small village 3-5 days a week. Highway construction is said to continue till 2025.
  • Problem: The citizens aimed to get heard by the local municipality, but were dismissed.
  • Solution: On the factfulness basis of contrasted data measurements of the air pollution these citizens might be empowered to get a hearing at the municipality (respectively at the local press) and push for less pollution and health effects.

We offer to this citizens group:

  • We would like to deploy this Smart Citizen Sensor-Tookit (by Seeed Studio) that our team members from Ideas for Change are already experienced with.
  • The sensor is an existing Open Hardware.
  • One sensor costs USD 119 (EUR 109, SEK 1.285).
  • For citizens to create meaningful contrasted data, several of these sensors need to be deployed.
  • We are coordinating this initiative with the regional Air Quality Organisation of Västmanland County Sweden; which helps with their advice, but is unable to act itself due to integrity.
  • Our team can guide the citizens group how to deploy the sensors and how to make for a sophisticated setting of contrasted, meaningful data collection & analysis.

:rotating_light: We need:

  • Our AirForAll* Erasmus+ funded project has no funding for sensors, but we have capacity and experience in deploying these Open Hardware sensors.
  • We need funding for several of these Smart Citzens Sensor Tookits.


  • After the aspired activity with & for this citizens group in the region of Västmanland Sweden, we would like the aquired Smart Citizens Sensor Toolkits to be made available at local public libraries.

*Air for All is an Erasmus+ cofunded project that will evolve a knowledge toolkit for [1] helping citizens to better understand the effects of air pollution, emissions and climate change, and for [2] helping cities to leverage civic participation for air quality data collection. AirForAll will also [3] launch a digital, freely accessible platform for knowledge transfer and capacity building on EU and international level.

Air for All is jointly conducted by:

  • Air Quality Organisation Västmanland County (Sweden)
  • Proofing Future Europe (Belgium / Germany).
  • Ideas for Change (Spain)
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Dear Sebastian,

Where can I go if I want to contribute to the smart citizen sensor-toolkit for usage for citizens in the municipality of Västmanland? Is there a link to a fund collection?

Thank you.

Best regards,
air for all team member

A very good idea @eleonora_a, I will create a fund collection on open collective just now.

Thank you very much Sebastian.

Best regards,

I think the Open Infrastructure fund would fit this project as it aligns with the ideals of community governance and capacity building.
I’d be glad to contribute towards application for the funding.

Emmanuel Duke
Citizens Testing group participant

Great catch @Duke (Indeed, I had an eye on that fund also regarding possibly funding for maintaining the Air For All platform costs.) @annahigueras @eleonora_a I think it could be great to aim for e.g. $5.000 (minimum submission) with the Open Infrastructure Fund. - However, Robert and Lars G. have been in touch with the affected citizens group in Västmanland and we are waiting for their feedback before we could start with an application. - I will keep you posted @Duke and we appreciate your support once we decide for an application.

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Hi everyone,

This seems great. I can help with the application from the 19th of July.

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@hanna_LichensCitiSci would you like to get involved in this funding application for AirForAll at the Open Infrastructure Fund as well, together with @Duke and @eleonora_a ?

@annahigueras do we already know how many sensors would be needed to allow for meaningful contrasted data?

@Duke would you like to take an active role in the forum, e.g. become a moderator? We could think of tailoring the submission around you, indeed have you submit it. We might aim for a paid role of yours to help build out the governance & capacity building. I understand this is in line with the fund’s intention. - What are your thoughts?

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@Admin_Sebastian I am open to take an active role in the forum. Regarding the submission for the fund, it will be a great joy for me to work as part of the team towards its actualization and final granting of the application to further emboldened the ideals of the core of citizen engagement.

Given the fund’s deadline for application is over a week’s time, it is wise to begin the process in earnest.
Looking forward to purposeful engagements.

Dear @Admin_Sebastian
I am thankful that the team would consider tailoring the submission around me and having me submit it.
I am also intrigued by the possibility of a paid role to help build out the governance and capacity building. What would it be like?
I believe that my skills and personal experience would be a valuable asset to the team, and I am eager to contribute in any way that I can, i also see it as an opportunity to learn new skills and to contribute to a meaningful cause i am passionate and interested in.


Very nice to hear Duke!

I have made a draft for a project application for the maintainance of the air for all platform after this projects ending by help of the Open Infrastructure fund and will send it by email to you now for a check and possible elaboration.

Best regards,

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Thank you for your draft application @eleonora_a and looking forward to your input in this draft by 26 July @Duke - I will review and draft into it as well this weekend.

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Hello @Admin_Sebastian @eleonora_a @lars.gidhagen @annahigueras @elsaboloix

I’ve made three input to the draft application, i think the budget is okay.

I will send a mail with details

Emmanuel Duke.