See a mini-film presentation about citizens local experiences of air quality in Africa and Europe

In the airforall project we are collecting survey responses from citizens all over the world who tells about their local experiences of air quality. Here comes a mini-film that presents the first responses, this time from citizens on the Continents of Africa and Europe.

We are continuing to collect survey responses and will show a finalized presentation of the survey in February 2024 on the airforall platform with (hopefully!) voices from citizens from all inhabited Continents in the world.

If you have not yet responded to the citizens survey, please take 2-3 minutes and do it here (a thousand thank you for sharing your ideas!).

The survey responses are being used for organisations that work with citizens e.g., municipalities, air quality organisations, county regional organisations, research institutes, environmental organisations and more, for getting an understanding about how citizens experience local air quality.

Please let us know if you are wondering/have ideas about anything regarding this topic.

All the best,

the airforall project team

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