Rewatch Smart Citizen / Fab Lab Barcelona presentation - 19 OCT 2023

We were delighted to welcome Óscar González Fernández - Hardware, Software, Calibration engineer at Fab Lab Barcelona - at our AirForAll participatory event on citizen generated data & citizen science. The event was facilitated by Ideas for Change* as hybrid event in Barcelona and online. In this event, Óscar shared insights about their inspiring citizen science projects and open source tools for environmental monitoring:

:point_right: Rewatch the presentation by Óscar González Fernández on “Smart Citizen”

:link: Weblink Fablab Barcelona

:link: Weblinks to the presented project “Smart Citizen”

:link: Weblink to presented literature references: [1] How to Get the Best from Low-Cost Particulate Matter Sensors: Guidelines and Practical Recommendations [2] The influence of the vegetation cycle on the mitigation of air pollution by a deciduous roadside hedge

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This event on citizen generated data & citizen science was initiated as part of the Air for All project:

Air for All is an Erasmus+ cofunded project that will evolve a knowledge toolkit for [1] helping citizens to better understand the effects of air pollution, emissions and climate change, and for [2] helping cities to leverage civic participation for air quality data collection. AirForAll will also [3] launch a digital, freely accessible platform for knowledge transfer & capacity building on EU and international level. - The latter is this platform you are visiting just now.

Air for All is conducted by the Air Quality Organisation Västmanland County (Sweden), Ideas for Change (Spain) and Proofing Future Europe (Belgium / Germany).