References on low-/middle-cost sensors

In Curitiba (Brazil), Lars Gidhagen (air quality consultant & AirForAll originator) had been part of a project team that deployed middle-cost sensors for PM2.5 and BC, placed on bicycles that circulated parts of the city. On this, a paper has been published [1].

One of the papers co-authors, Francisco Castelhano (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal) has also worked with low-cost sensors (ARDUINO platform) and published on the impact of wild fires. Information on wild fires can be received from the Copernicus Atmoshpere Monitoring Service (CAMS), e.g on fires and aerosol concentrations PM2.5: Charts | Copernicus

Lars Gidhagen has recently used a low-cost sensor for measuring PM2.5 in a small village in Vijes (Colombia), influenced by small-scale lime production units. Here, they looked for advices on how to use low-cost sensors and discovered several useful resources [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] when trying to achieve high (or at least higher) quality data from low-cost sensor output.

REFERENCES concerning low-cost sensors:

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