Open till 20 March 2024: URBACT call for Innovation Transfer Networks

URBACT call for Innovation Transfer Networks runs until 20 March 2024!

Innovation Transfer Networks will be formed along the topics of Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) projects that have been implemented from 2016 to 2023. Cities that have implemented a UIA project will act as Lead Partners by default.

Cities and public-equivalent bodies from European Union’s 27 Member States, Partner States (Norway, Switzeland), as well as cities from countries benefitting from the Instrument for Pre-Accession to the EU (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia), willing to transfer the experience and know how of a UIA project should go to the URBACT Partner Search Tool (see below) and express their interest to the city that has implemented a UIA project.

:link: Here listed project ideas were submitted by cities who have implemented Urban Innovative Actions projects and are looking for Partners interested in transferring those practices. Have a look at the ideas and send an expression of interest!

:point_right: Find out all about the call for networks

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