How UNDP steps up to empower local actors to boost clean air for Almaty Kazakhstan

"Addressing Almaty’s challenges with severe pollution requires fundamental transformations in the infrastructures that sustain everyday life in the city, including those relating to mobility, energy, and waste, to mention a few. Thanks to the work and efforts of bottom-up civic action and individual actors the awareness of the importance of sensing pollution and developing trustable, accessible, and transparent datasets have become widespread in the city. (…)

Before starting to work with the larger group, during the inception stage, the UNDP team partnered with the AirVision advocacy initiative and Sergek, intelligent video control, analysis and forecasting system company, to develop a digital platform to visualize real-time air quality data and interactive user features.

The planning stage also included conducting desk research and targeted interviews with well-known activists and experts from different fields like energy, transport, ecology, digitalization, among others. Monitoring is a crucial step forward, but must enable action – How do we move beyond pilot projects and create the enabling conditions for fast action on air pollution?"

Read the full article by Yerassyl Kalikhan, Head of Exploration, Accelerator Lab of UNDP Kazakhstan :point_right: Whiffs of fresh mountain air to blow across Garden City again | United Nations Development Programme (

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