Fine Particulate Matter PM2.5

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is a leading risk factor for premature mortality and morbidity worldwide. According to a Global Burden of Disease Study, outdoor air pollution (including ambient particulate matter) was estimated to cause 6.67 million premature deaths in 2019. [1]

In addition, no safe threshold for PM2.5 has been identified below which no damage to health is observed. [2][3]

An abundance of evidence has supported the adverse effects of short-term and long-term ambient PM2.5 exposure on human health, even at low PM2.5 concentrations. [4]

Therefore, the latest version of the WHO global air quality guidelines published in 2021 has adjusted the recommended limit for outdoor PM2.5 exposure from 10 μg/m3 to 5 μg/m3 for the annual mean exposure and from 25 μg/m3 to 15 μg/m3 for 24-h mean exposure. [5]

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