Experience in combining community building with citizens science

Hello, I have a question about combining community building activities with a citizens science project. My idea is that we will approach inhabitants of Rotterdam (living very near to the port) with the method of deep canvassing (see Deep canvassing - Wikipedia). That will lead to conversations (on the doorstep) about believes and values in relation to health and the port-activities. My assumption is that it would be helpful to be able to offer something to the people interested in the subject - for example to participate in a project of measuring air quality themselves.
Has anyone experience in combining both - community approach and citizens science? To be clear: the deep canvassing is not about promoting the citizens science project, but aims at getting to know what people think and know about their health (related to them living nearby a port with loads of chemical plants and oil refineries) and trying to open their consciousness about this subject.

My hesitation to combine both means is that it could look like ‘selling’ the project of citizens science instead of just talking abouth health of people living there. Are there any experiences worth while sharing for this situation? I am happy to share my experiences with you when we have actually done this!!


Dear @Stakeholders @CitizensTestingGroup @staff which your experiences and approaches may relate to above inquiry and outlines by Bart?