Crowdsourcing meaningful structure for case studies:

Why / Purpose:
To both inspire as well as allow for good knowledge transfer and possible translation of air quality project approaches across geographies:

We would like to curate the sharing of insights on worldwide air quality projects.

By means of short, meaningful case studies.

Case study element proposals: Which ones do you find meaningful, which ones would you add?

  1. meaningful cover photo of the project
  2. name of photographer, copyright / creative commons license information
  3. In which city / region / county has the project / intervention taken place?
  4. What has been the purpose of the project?
  5. How has this project purpose been achieved?
  6. How has the project involved citizens?
    6.1 What have been citizen’s challenges/ fears/ reservation envisaged before joining the project?
    6.2 If the challenges were solved, by what means?
  7. What type of data sources have been used?
  8. What positive environmental impact has resulted from the project?
  9. How can the positive impact of the project be proven?
  10. How has the project sustainably changed societal habits and/or regulatory practice?
  11. Which funding mechanisms enabled your project?
  12. Which actions or impacts persisted beyond the ‚Äėfunding period‚Äô?
  13. What business model or a sustainable way have you found to continue the action?
  14. Website of the project
  15. Contact and Name a project contact person

Inquiry for you @everyone:
From your point of view: Which core elements should be included in the case studies and which core questions should be answered by the project participants?

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Dear @CitizensTestingGroup and @Stakeholders, which (further) attributes :point_up_2: do you find important for us to have in our case study template (which we can then disseminate with affine organisations and project owners) to collect meaningful case studies?

I think these attributes are spot on, an addition can be made to understand citizen’s challenges/fears/reservation envisaged or encountered before joining the project. If the challenges were solved, by what means?
Also, an attribute to link the individual/citizen’s inspiration to project purpose may be added too.

Emmanuel Duke
CTG participant

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Great input @Duke which we will pick up, indeed.

:point_up_2: See proposed case study elements 1. / 2. / 3. / … etc.
@annahigueras & @elsaboloix can you think of any edits, changes or additional elements in our case study structure that could increase the transferability of the knowledge presented in case studies collected on it?

I would just add, maybe, sources of funding (if the project is funded by the EU, or by national/local mechanisms), if there has been actions / impacts that remained after the ‚Äėfunding period‚Äô, and if they had found a business model / way to sustain the action. For the rest, it is very complete! Thanks

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Great input @annahigueras which we will pick up!