Applications close 17 January: OEDP seeks Civic Science Fellow for March 2024-2025

Open Environmental Data Project (OEDP) seeks a Civic Science Fellow from March 2024-2025.
OEDP is accepting applications through January 17th

This is a remote, full-time position that works with OEDP and is a member of a cohort of fellows, placed across other organizations working on questions about science and society, that make up the Civic Science fellowship.

OEDP seeks a Civic Science Fellow to focus on open data and environmental data governance ecosystems. The Fellow will build on opportunities identified by OEDP team members to prototype and pilot ideas and prepare workshops, training, and curricula to support environmental data literacy and usability.

The overall goal of this position is to develop first-hand experience working across different scales of governance and to research and develop materials for science and information projects. The Fellow will work with our team to identify:

  1. where existing datasets need to be translated into more usable formats,
  2. the processes, decision-making principles, and political tools that can support data’s application in environmental justice and governance, and
  3. opportunities for systems redesign.

As part of a broader Fellows program, you’ll be part of a cohort of Fellows who are positioned across different scientific associations, organizations and institutions, providing you with a peer learning group focused on scientific and societal challenges.

:computer: Remote work
:spiral_calendar: March 1, 2024 - February 28, 2025
:money_with_wings: $72k / year + benefits
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Applications due January 17, 2024

cc @CitizensTestingGroup @Stakeholders @staff

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Thanks for sharing, Sebastian!

From the inquiry it reads a little bit like the applicant needs to hold a work permit for the United States prior to application, is that right? Or do you think they are open to applications that still need to request a work visa in the case of approval?

With best regards und vielen Grüßen,

Dear @ldehlwes thank you for raising this question: I just inquired with Shannon / OEDP via Linkedin and CCed you there. Will cross-post here once I received her update on this.

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Dear @ldehlwes unfortunately I have not a received a reply in time from OEDP respectively from Shannon. - Could you gain further clarity on this point of yours?

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Dear Sebastian,

I ended up submitting a cover letter explaining my situation. However, it sounds like they want to fill the spot rather quickly. A time frame probably too short to request a work visa.

In any case, I gained valuable insights about the activities of OEDP and reflections on my own goals.

…and another contact added to my network. :wink:
Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Great to hear you leveraged the opportunity! Fingers crossed.

BTW, from what I have seen, people in OEDP Open Environmental Data Project are also entangled with GOSH Gathering for Open Science Hardware as well as GOAT Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology as well as the team from Our-Sci - happy to introduce you if you are interested and in case you are not affiliated already.